Hippotherapy_July 2018



We are planning a phased re-opening after lockdown from 29 March.

Just like you, we can’t wait to reopen, but please bear with us. Restrictions are still in place and we must adhere to advice from our governing bodies to make sure everyone remains safe.


From 29 March

  • We will reopen, however, social distancing still applies and therefore we can only accept general riders who can ride confidently and independently. 

  • No one is allowed inside the stables except our team and the Loft Lounge cannot be used.

  • We cannot have more than 6 people at the stables or on a ride at any one time (i.e. 5 riders plus one escort/coach).

  • Riders MUST have their own hat which meets the latest safety standards. We cannot lend hats until 21 June.

  • Track and trace will be in place. You will need to scan the QR code on your phone or sign in and out.

  • RDA riders may be led by a volunteer, however no side-walking is permitted. A fully trained parent/carer may be allowed to side-walk and assist with mounting/dismounting.


From 12 April

As above, but…

  • RDA and Pony Club members (children) will now be allowed to use the Loft Lounge.

  • Adults will NOT be allowed indoors and must stick to the rule of 6 and maintain social distancing.


From 17 May

As above, but…

  • Non-disabled adults will be allowed to use the Loft Lounge but the rule of 6 applies.

  • Rides can increase from 5 plus coach from this date.


From 21 June

  • Restrictions will (hopefully) lift

  • All participants will be allowed inside the stables and the Loft Lounge.

  • We will be able to lend hats for those who don’t have their own.