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We are thrilled that HRH The Princess Royal will be opening the stables in Park Lane, Teddington on Wednesday 17th February in the morning.


The road w...

Princess Anne to open our new stables

January 13, 2016

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February 16, 2016

January 13, 2016

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From the horse's mouth - a message from Samson

August 22, 2015

It’s amazing what you pick up just hanging around humans, chomping hay and pretending not to listen.


Heheheh ... I have to tell you ... I had a fantastic time in the park a few weeks ago. I’d been giving sedate little rides at a few fairs, so when I went out on a hack I heard my human say “Samson needs a canter”. That’s word for word, so as far as I’m concerned I was perfectly within my rights to take my rider for a gallop across the park and throw a few bucks in along the way! I heard her laughing afterwards, so I am pretty sure she enjoyed it as much as I did!


So as you probably know, the roof has been taken off our house and we’ve been moved to other lodgings. I heard my human talking about making tiles for a new bathroom. It all sounds very nice. Apparently a few tiles have been made already at some place called Happy Potter. Because it will be a little while before the bathroom is made, anyone can go along to Happy Potter and say they want to make a tile for the stables. It’s £20, with the donation going towards the building work. Rebekah dedicated her tile to her lizard, Eddie, and Rowena did a can of beans. A couple of humans were laughing about that one, but I didn’t get the joke.


I managed to get my hooves on a picture of the tiles that have already been made. (Humans will be careless and leave their phones lying about.) I like them all but I do wonder if my bacside looks big in Daniel’s tile – if it is mine. I’m not great at distinguishing colour so maybe it isn’t.



Mind you, I don’t know what all the fuss is about having a bathroom. In my experience, I find that if you go right where you’re standing, someone will come along and clean it up. Easy!






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