From the horse's mouth - a message from Coco

Hello! I haven't been at Park Lane for some time, but I have heard that many of you have been asking after me. I do thank you most sincerely, because it is heartwarming to be thought of. But I am happy to report that this year I finally decided to retire.

Some horses and ponies find it hard to retire - Prodney is a prime example. I heard some of the humans comparing him to some older humans who like to run something called a marathon - whatever that is. But I am rather enjoying my retirement and do like being able to sniff the daisies and take it easy.

So thank you for all your good wishes. They say that when you retire you can't imagine how you ever had time to work - and it is true! These days I am so busy enjoying the field, munching grass, watching little insects and enjoying the seasons. Of course when I was a foal things were very different... we used to have proper seasons back then... and summer days were endless sunshine. But we didn't have all the treats they have these days - organic carrots, apples from far-off lands. I don't begrudge it, but foals these days don't know they're born... anyway, that's just me having a little ramble. I must get on - this hay won't munch itself!


(Portrait of Coco by Rebekah Morgan)

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