From the horse's mouth - a message from Samson

It’s amazing what you pick up just hanging around humans, chomping hay and pretending not to listen.

Heheheh ... I have to tell you ... I had a fantastic time in the park a few weeks ago. I’d been giving sedate little rides at a few fairs, so when I went out on a hack I heard my human say “Samson needs a canter”. That’s word for word, so as far as I’m concerned I was perfectly within my rights to take my rider for a gallop across the park and throw a few bucks in along the way! I heard her laughing afterwards, so I am pretty sure she enjoyed it as much as I did!

So as you probably know, the roof has been taken off our house and we’ve been moved to other lodgings. I heard my human talking about making tiles for a new bathroom. It all sounds very nice. Apparently a few tiles have been made already at some place called Happy Potter. Because it will be a little while before the bathroom is made, anyone can go along to Happy Potter and say they want to make a tile for the stables. It’s £20, with the donation going towards the building work. Rebekah dedicated her tile to her lizard, Eddie, and Rowena did a can of beans. A couple of humans were laughing about that one, but I didn’t get the joke.

I managed to get my hooves on a picture of the tiles that have already been made. (Humans will be careless and leave their phones lying about.) I like them all but I do wonder if my bacside looks big in Daniel’s tile – if it is mine. I’m not great at distinguishing colour so maybe it isn’t.

Mind you, I don’t know what all the fuss is about having a bathroom. In my experience, I find that if you go right where you’re standing, someone will come along and clean it up. Easy!


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